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tv   ABC2 News Sunday  ABC  November 18, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> we have lost 7 lives in two separate accidents and the latest in air rundownal county. >> police just updated us in millersville, four people are dead and three dogs and one child between the age of 3 and 5. the details are heart breaking. i want to show video. this is aerial video over marley neck boulevard in glen
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burny, the crash happened at 1:30 this afternoon. investigators say it was a head- on collision, one car overturned and caught on fire, two cars involved and two people in each vehicle. we don't know how it happened or who was involved but i can tell you people were showing up at the scene this afternoon and they were absolutely frantic. i talked to one woman, amber decker. she says her cousin lives in the area and she was unable to reach her on the cell phone. she certainly was leave that area in tears. police have not identified the victims or given us a description of the cars but we were hearing there was a fifth person involved. that tonight has been ruled out. so just the horrific accident, two vehicles involved. one vehicle overturned and caught on fire and four people dead, and one child. we will bring you the latest,. cheryl, we want to go to
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prospect road in mill green road which will put you near the town of streak. five people were in a car that was broken and the others fell in a ravine, three people involved. the driver lost control of the car and struck a tree. happened around 11:30 last night. we take you 14 miles east right to rising sun where a child almost four was killed saturday night when the fire went right through her 14x15-foot mobile home. the girl's grandmother made it out alive and snow detectors were not working and no cause of the fire and the first fire
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in rising sun this year. we come back to northeast baltimore where police are looking for a black four door madza that hit a man on franklin avenue. it happened around 2:00 morning and the car took off and the man taken to the hospital but did not make it. looking for a black mazza. 5189 or 5183 is the tag. and lot of clouds this afternoon unfortunately keeping the temperatures on the cooler side. most readings in the 50s. right now, we are in the 40s in many locations, south at 45 degrees. aloe adequacy at 46 and north and west of town, more clearing skies, we may be talking about the temperatures falling in the 30s. speaking of the clouds. you notice at points towards the south dealing with the cloud cover and that will be the case through the course of the evening. keeping the clouds in place, 44
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degrees and mixture of stars and clouds and waking up in the 40s. a chilly bus stop tomorrow with a temperature of around 50s. an ocean storm and how it can impact the next couple of days. one second watching arab revolution,al israeli missile killing women and children. the president has been in touched to see what kind of progress can be made in the next 48 hours and the president cautioned against an israeli ground invasion warning it could deepen the death number. and he blamed this on reigning
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rockets into israel. we have a dad and son accused of robbing a bank and the daughter drove the get-away car. mark greenblat. >> reporter: take a close look at the bank robber, a father, son and daughter team. an entire family of criminals suspected of robs as many as seven banks in two states. under arrest in texas ron scott and son hayden allegedly went inside with guns. police say that's hayden wearing a fake moustache and the 18-year-old daughter abby is charged with driving the get away star. honor students in portland, oregon with hayden a star on the swim team and abby joining him on the club. >> he was sayingal dad. i think he lost his wife and he had the responsibility to take care of those kids and i got to tell you, scott was there for
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them. >> an authority says the stand youth group may have begun the crime spree in oregon where they are suspects in five more robberies. >> a complete shock. they were solid family members. >> and dad, hayden and abby moved to texas where crime stoppers raised the reward to $25,000 for a tip. >> the suspects were identified on crimestoppers tips and then law enforcement in fort ben county was able to corroborate the information. >> the police break was in surveillance tape showing the family buying those distinctive disguises at a home depot. days before the arrest abby posted got the job interview, i am working my way up to big money. so proud of myself ever since i moved to texas, so much potential, some just need to decide what to do and presumably that job will have
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to wait. crazey, umm? >> listen, better watch out for snow tents for your baby, stop using them right away. py pod andpy pod plus travel beds are recalling them because a five month-old was found dead with his face pressed up against the wall and the tent mattresses, made in china and sold online on amazon from january of 2005 until now. right now we need a feel- good story. all of the pets lost in super storm sandy? where are they, we have one story to make your life. if you don't like football, you'll be watching this, the american music awards on abc and we will tell you who is up for what when we come right back. and you will be watching us at 11:00. clear and cool and calm across the state and down to the south we do find rain, i'm meteorologist mike mazza and
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how about the seven-day forecast forecast coming up in the news at 6:30.
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better cell phone service and when we need it the most, no drop outs and lost messages. charlie shoemer says super storm sandy dialed this up when people needed it the most and he is out to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> the goal is simple that no matter was the disaster there's uninterrupted cell phone service for the first responders and the citizens that lost power and need food and need to report fire and need to communicate. >> what the senator wants to do get in touch with the fcc to have backup emergency power sources to prevent mass out ages in the future. the pets left homeless after super storm sandy, tens of thousands of pets were abandoned or left stranded by
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the storm. abc2news has a heart-warming story. they are the silent victims of super storm sandy, some of the most helpless and most affected and now our four legged friends are getting the help they need. southwest airlines and sea world teamed up to fly 60 orphaned cats and dogs to the helden woodward animal shelter in a california. >> thousands of animals lost their home and we need to move the animals from the shelters to a shelter on the west coast to make room for some of the hurricane sandy animals. >> the flight crew and vets are volunteering to assist in the operation. and they are not the only ones helping. the spca has opened a shelter for displaced pets in new york made possible because of rachel ray. >> she provided five hundred thousand dollars donation so that we can care for displaced pets in new york city following
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the aftermath of hurricane sandy. >> more than 300 animals have been rescued by aspca responders and distributing pet supplies, the aspca have helped 16,000 animals. >> dint want to leave my dog in a cold apartment. i have driven here where he can be taken care of because he is just like my child. >> the goal is to provide the people that have been displaced by hurricane sandy an opportunity to bring their pets in for up to 30 days and really just focus on getting their lives back together. >> proving in the aftermath of devastation, our furry friends are never forgotten. now, maryland's most accurate forecast. let's take a look. today a lot of clouds across the area. take a look at aloe wet city, clouds for most of the afternoon. temperatures getting to the low
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50s in aloe adequacy and the waters looking good but again mostly cloudy skies this afternoon, upper 40s. bethesda not much happening along the links here in bethesda. some sunshine and clouds. manchester, really pretty shot. notice the fall foliage going back down to the browns. take a look. downtown, 49 degrees and 66% humidity and 38-degree dew point. the air is relatively dry, i do think it will hold down the chances of any precip and gusty winds. 51 today was the afternoon high in baltimore and easton 54 and ocean city closing into 60 and normally we should be right around 56 this time of year. we made it to 51, on the cooler side. 78 is the record set back in 1938. 20-degree record low back in 1959. current temperatures across
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town, 45 in manchester towards baltimore city at 52 and airport at 49 rather and up towards the north in cecil county, alton at 48 degrees. again it is all about clouds on top of us right now. go to the southeast you will be dealing with clouds and it will keep it warmer in comparison to carroll county out towards parts of westminster temperatures in the 30s. hour-by-hour forecast looks like this, a blend of stars and clouds through 8:00. 44degrees. 40 at midnight and a chilly wake up tomorrow morning. >> and we are going for two degree guarantee of 51. to the north, we indicate the high pressure bringing in nice pleasant weather and coming in off of the waters and bringing in the clouds and a bit of a breeze and down to the south we go and we find a storm system. it is out there and enough to bring in cloud coverage.
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you notice bands of clouds working up the coast and that will be the deal the next couple of days. here is the wet weather in the south carolina coastline, it will be south of the baltimore. and out to the midwest looking good and texas scattered showers and not really a weather pattern. in charlotte 54 degrees. we will eventually get a little bit milder for the next couple of days. temperatures in the 30s and look to the north and west. it will cool down. up towards tarny town 35 degrees. maryland's most accurate calls for a blend of storms and mostly cloudy, 41-degree for tonight. 51 is the two degree guarantee and sunshine and clouds and a coolish afternoon and tomorrow night stars and clouds 39 degrees. the seven-day forecast 54 by tuesday and verified on wednesday and turkey day not bad. closing in on 60. we'll do it on friday but then
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the bottom falls out and the temperatures in the 40s and 50s. we do warm up and then we get cool and that's one of those times we will be into looking at the long range stuff. i know you are into that. december it gets blog -- cold and we will blog for that on coming up your ipod comes to life. randy hit is who made a hit with you in music this year. >> the best in music are being honored at the 40th annual american music awards where fans decide who takes home the accolades. rihanna and mickey ra imagine lead the pack. justin beaver and maroon 5 and one direction and usher follow with three each. >> congratulations to all of the nominees. >> christina aguilera announced the nominees last month and
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join the variety of artists taking the stage including no doubt with the pop flair ... r and b favorite usher will perform and so will last year's artist of the year ... ♪ never ever get back together ♪ country swift heart taylor swift. dick clark created the music awards and he died earlier this year at 82 and will be honored with a special tribute. ♪ i see the light ♪ will you see a little international flair from the uk band the wanted and south korean spy. 2012 artist of the year will be awarded to drake, katy perry, maroon 5 or rihanna. up to the fans. for the 6th year the winners are chosen through
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online voting and a new category is added for electronic music.
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abc news los angeles. welcome to maryland's spotlight. i'm kim night, you hear about programs on television or radio dealing with donating your vehicle. i have a unique program here today called vehicles for change. joining me is the president martin schwartz and thank for being here. >> thank you. >> tell me about vehicles of change, how is it different from these other programs. >> we are different in the way we use the car, vehicles for change is to provide transportation to low-income families. we take the car if it is in good enough condition and repair it and identify a family that needs it to get to a job. >> that has to make a
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difference. tell me about walk in your shoes program. >> back in october, we did it in d c as well, we had a program to bring to light to the public, the trials that are families go through without an automobile. so we had six local dig terries and one was jim malone and susan hipner and they traveled with one of our recipients, the route they have to go before they got their car. >> that must have been interesting. i can't imagine being without a car, what was that like? >> the neat thing i did it as well and i have been running the program for 13 years, it was eye opening for me to see what they did on a daily basis, we went with a woman that had two-year-old twins and a four- year-old daughter and it took us two hours to get to her first job. and i said to her, i said how
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often do you do this and she said just five days a week, it was amazing how accepting she was of her fate and she was just going to do it every day because she was doing it for her children. >> that's remarkable. >> tell me how do you select your recipient? >> we don't select them, we work with other organizations, nonprofits that identify the families for us, we might work with a domestic violence shelter, a job training program, a job readiness program and homeless shelter and what they do is they identify a family that really is doing all the things that they need to do to make a difference in their life, they are working. they are attending classes, they are doing a number of different things to survive but they just can't get ahead without an automobile. >> i can understand that. another great part of your program, vehicles for change is the tax donation. tell me about that. >> sure. one of the big differences
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between our program is that the tax law allows us to provide a better tax deduction to our donors if the car will go to a low income family. we do take all cars. we get cars that are old and that have 250,000 miles on them that we might sell at action and that donor gets what we sell the car for but if we get a car that is in good enough condition that goes to a low income family, our doner gets to deduct the fair market value. that's huge. usually it is about twice as much as a car that would sell at auction. >> tell me how people could get involved if they have a car to donate, is there a website that they can go to. >> there is and the easiest way to go through that process, go to our website, and on the website, they can go to donate your car and there's a form that you fill out. it takes a couple minutes
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because we ask a lot of information about the automobile. we need to know what condition kind of condition, leather seats, cd player so we can determine what we will dork does it run or body damage, it is simple and takes a couple of minutes and comes to us. we let the donor know immediately what we will do with the car and what basically their tax deduction is and an easy process. >> what do you see in your future for the company? >> well, actually today is a pretty exciting day. we just bought or going to settlement on a big building that we have actually purchased in baltimore just in baltimore county. it is 33,000 square feet. our goal is to expand our program to also start providing automotive training, training some auto mechanics and detailsers, we have a contract for cars throughout the state
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of maryland. we expect to do more cars, last year we awarded 464 cars to families and this year 510 cars. >> congratulations martin schwartz, thank you for being with me. vehicles for change. go on the website and see what you can do to donate. thanks for being with
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